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A&B Improvements Ltd. ImagesYour roof is the main source of protection that your home has from harmful outdoor elements. The last thing North Dakota homeowners want is their roof to fail early but it happens sometimes. The main reasons that cause this to occur are neglect, storm damage, and poor installation. If you want to avoid these problems and get the most money out of your large investment, you should have a local West Fargo roofing service that you can trust. For over 30 years, A & B Improvements has been proudly serving North Dakota home and business owners with all of their roofing needs including new installation, replacements, and long-lasting roof repairs.

When was your last professional roof inspection?

As we pointed out, a roof requires proper care and maintenance to perform at its best. We see our fair share of severe weather here in North Dakota, so if you do not know how old your roof is or remember the last time you had it checked out, it may need to be repaired or replaced. Day in and day out, the weather takes its toll on a roof, and even the most durable roofing materials need roof repair in West Fargo from time to time.

We suggest getting an annual inspection with an honest local roofing contractor and following any severe storms such as hail and heavy wind. Hail damage is not always easy to see and small hailstones can still cause damage. So, just because you do not see anything does not mean you are in the clear. It is better to correct any problems before they get bigger and more expensive to repair.

GAF Certified Roofing Contractor in West Fargo

When the time arrives to get a new roof, no one wants to waste precious time or money. At A & B Improvements, we are devoted to helping you choose the best products for your home or business. The roof systems that we install will protect your home from the elements for many years while giving it a striking appearance that will leave a lasting impression on all those who see it.

Choosing a dependable local roofer will render peace of mind and could save you thousands of dollars!!!

Replacing a roof is extensive and detailed work so hiring an unlicensed handyman or fly-by-night roofer is a bad idea. You may have heard horror stories already. Therefore, for the best results, always hire a reliable roofer who has a lot of experience in roofing so the job is done right the first time. Otherwise, you could waste thousands of dollars on roof repairs and still end up needing a new one.

Pro Tip: Always check that the roofing service you are considering is licensed, insured, and accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

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We only employ expert installers and always use the most technologically advanced materials and to guarantee you are completely satisfied with your new roof. With time-proven products from the best manufacturers, we are a local certified roofer for asphalt shingles. You can rest easy knowing that we will never use high-pressure sales tactics to sell a job. We educate and you decide what is best for you and your budget. We specialize in all types of residential roofing and no job is too big or too small.

The solution for a successful roofing installation or roof repair project begins with choosing the right roofer in West Fargo!!!

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