West Fargo Roofer; Tips for Holiday Lighting

Our goal at A & B Improvements is to ensure that your roof appropriately protects your property while also prolonging its life. That is why we recommend that every household get an honest and accurate roof assessment from a West Fargo roofer at least once a year.

Many of us will decorate our rooftops or hang lights over the next holiday season. Sadly, this is also the season when many people damage their roofs by putting up outside Christmas decorations recklessly.

Light It Up

Here are a few things to think about while lighting your roof for the holidays:

  • Take care not to tread on the roof: Take care not to tread on the shingles if you wish to hang lights from the exterior of your property.
  • Asphalt shingle grains serve as a protective layer. Walking on the roof can loosen and even remove the shingle grains.
  • If you eliminate too many particles, you run the risk of having a leak and needing to repair your roof sooner.
  • Avoid using nails or screws! Even though a few of them on your roof may not seem like much, they can cause a lot of harm. Nails create holes through which moisture eventually seeps. Rather than repairing your roof, purchase plastic hooks or clamps with adhesive backs.
  • Ensure that your gutters and roof are free of debris like leaves and limbs before putting up decorations. In addition, inspect any lights or powered decorations before using them to ensure their safety.
  • When putting up decorations or illumination on your roof, never remove or move the shingles; the seal can easily be damaged. When it rains again, you’ll know how important that seal was since you could require emergency roof repairs.
  • Taking down Christmas decorations may be a difficult task, especially if they are heavy. Given the risk of roof damage, it is definitely worth the effort to perform it right.

You Can Rely on a West Fargo Roofer

The A & B Improvements family wishes you a safe and joyous holiday season with your loved ones. Contact us at any time of year for all of your residential roofing needs.