West Fargo Roofing Leak Warning; Do Not Be a Victim of Mother Nature

Take note of the warnings! Roof inspections should be performed on a regular basis by a professional West Fargo roofer, at least once a year, to safeguard your home’s interior from rainwater infiltration.

Missing Roof Vents – High winds damage roofing vents, pulling them away from a secure installation and jeopardizing the water-resistant roofing felt.

Bent or lifted metal flashing around fireplace chimney – High winds can and do separate this flashing where it meets the fireplace chimney, enabling rainwater to enter.

Shingles that are damaged or missing – High winds have the potential to move/lift asphalt shingles, ripping them and finally blowing them to the ground. When this occurs, the waterproofing moisture barrier is typically badly compromised as well. When it rains, the exposed roof sheathing cannot withstand the water and your home will get damp inside.

Collecting debris (leaves, needles, limbs, etc.) in the valleys– Most people are unaware that when leaves, twigs, dust, and grime accumulate on your roof, they serve as a dam, causing rainwater to puddle on the roof. When this occurs, water will flow up under the tile shingles and locate a crack in the waterproofing moisture barrier. Water will drip onto your interior ceiling if the water reaches the seam.

Flat roofs have low places where water might gather and pool – These are the spots where the roofing repair mastic may break owing to the intense summer heat after repairs have been performed. Have these places examined on a regular basis, and extra care may be required to ensure their waterproof properties.

A yearly roof check performed by a licensed, insured and certified West Fargo roofing contractor provides inexpensive protection against these anticipated situations. Contact them during the spring, summer, and winter when roofers are on the lookout for work. Many of them will be delighted to examine for free since they may discover trouble areas and therefore have an opportunity to sell some work. They will not have time during the wet season, as you might expect.

In our 31 years of operation, we have discovered that roof leaks cost you thousands of dollars in insurance deductibles and additional roofing repairs that might have been prevented with regular maintenance and inspections. Contact us today at (701) 235-6367 to request a free inspection and estimate.